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Hurricane Preparedness as Isaac Moves Into the Gulf
AUGUST 27, 2012 – United States Environmental Services (USES) is fully prepared to respond immediately to our customers’ needs in the event of Isaac impacting the Gulf Coast states. Our Command Center, located in Jackson, Mississippi, will be staffed 24/7 with our experienced operational staff from the day before Isaac makes landfall until after the emergency phase has passed. The USES Emergency Response Hotline number is 888-279-9930.

View Isaac updates on the National Hurricane Center website:
 In preparation for a potential major impact, we are staging our response equipment at safe zones throughout the coastal areas. This will assure our immediate access to vital hazmat and oil spill response equipment in relatively close proximity to hurricane impacted areas. We are also mobilizing resources dedicated to our Disaster Response Unit including satellite phones, generators, heavy earth-moving equipment and additional hazmat and oil spill response equipment. Personnel are equipped with satellite phones to ensure communications in the event cellular or landline phone service is disrupted.

A partial list of disaster response services provided by USES includes:

Oil spill and hazmat response
Emergency generator rental   (5kw to 150kw)
Emergency fuel delivered in bulk to your location
Post disaster damage assessment including air monitoring
Emergency plant-support services including specialized cleaning equipment and labor
Debris removal including hazardous and non-hazardous
Household hazardous waste collection and disposal
Biological hazard response and decontamination services
Clean-up and disposal of spoiled food products resulting from power outages
Clean-up and disposal of mass amounts of animal carcasses (USDA contractor)
Post emergency remediation and technical demolition services
Lab Packs (chemical and biological)
Removal of flood waters utilizing high capacity, high-volume pumps
Industrial firefighting and standby services
Emergency sleeping quarters for disaster workers
Electrical transformer recovery services

Should you require pre-hurricane preparation needs, have questions related to our services or have other non-emergency needs related to Isaac, please call 601-372-3232. For any emergency needs, please call our Command Center at 888-279-9930. Rest assured that USES is fully prepared to meet any customer needs or demands related to Isaac.

Hurricane Season is here!

Don’t wait until the storm is on the horizon—reach out to USES now to discuss your hurricane preparedness and recovery needs. Our dedicated team is ready to answer your questions, provide expert advice, and offer reliable solutions to keep you safe and secure. Together, we’ll weather the storm and emerge stronger than ever.