Maintenance, Operations, Turnarounds and New Construction.  All of these require a variety of solutions to prepare equipment for inspections and maintenance, ensure the safety of personnel and comply with environmental permits and regulations and improve performance to increase efficiencies and profitability.

USES offers a broad spectrum of Specialized Solutions including Chemical Cleaning and Decontamination, Tank Cleaning & Processing, Vapor Recovery & Degassing, Modular Drain System Rentals and Sampling & Analysis Services for Turnarounds and Catalyst Changes.

USES’s Specialty Services Team is experienced in engineering, planning and executing projects.  Our success is rooted in developing comprehensive execution packages for each project that includes Schedule, Process Flow Diagrams (PFD’s), Mechanical & Execution Procedures, Safety Action Plans and MOC Documents to facilitate execution along with a transparent communication process with our clients with detailed end of shift reporting with schedule progress, milestone achievements and costs.  The quality of our engagement with each client throughout the life of each project is paramount to ensuring our ongoing relationships.

Specialty Services