Award-Winning, Uncompromised Safety

At USES, safety is not compromised. Nothing—not production, nor quality, nor the budget—warrants jeopardizing the health and well-being of the work force, the surrounding community and the environment. All accidents are preventable. We recognize that each employee’s active participation in continuously improving safety performance is necessary to prevent accidents and incidents.

Work Right, Work Safe

Committed to ongoing safety improvement, we implemented Work Right, Work Safe, a comprehensive program that sets and continuously reinforces minimum performance standards for employees. Employees are encouraged and recognized for safety-improvement actions beyond their specifically assigned safety responsibilities.

  • USES Safety Committee
    Personnel from multiple levels of the company serve on the USES Safety Committee, developing policy, reviewing accident investigations and company loss reporting statistics, discussing issues for continuous improvement and providing feedback on improvements made.
  • President’s Safety Address
    Our President delivers a bi-monthly safety address to all employees via conference call. The message reinforces the companywide safety vision, identifies the goals of the safety program and defines the initiatives being pursued to accomplish safety goals.
  • “Near Miss” Incident Reporting
    Near miss incident reporting allows us to identify key performance indicators that are predictive in averting accidents.
  • Safety Message of the Week
    Oursite managers communicate weekly safety messages to the entire work force.
  • KPI Statistical Review
    We maintain a KPI dashboard for safety statistics and details of any incidents, allowing our site managers to monitor and continue to improve safety performance.