Chemical Cleaning

Compared to mechanical cleaning methods, USES chemical cleaning processes can reduce downtime and exposure to toxic materials and environmental hazards, helping your facility run more effectively.  USES offers the most up-to-date cleaning technologies to remove residual oils, corrosion products, water hardness deposits and other contaminants from industrial process equipment.

Various applications include:

Reactive Chemical Cleaning

  • Scale Removal
  • Eliminate H2S
  • Mitigate Pyrophoric Materials


  • Degreasing and Sludge Removal
  • Treatments for Stainless Steel to meet NACE SP0170-2012
  • Passivations & Neutralizations

In-Situ Cleaning

  • Degreasing & Decontamination
  • Improve Process Performance
  • Alternative to Mechanical Cleaning Methods

On-Line Cleaning

  • Engineered Solutions to Improve Process Performance
  • Eliminate Production Downtime
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs