Degassing and Emissions Control

USES offers Vapor Recovery and Degassing services. By eliminating or counteracting potentially
harmful enclosed environments, proper methods of degassing can be very effective. With state
of the art equipment and specialists this potentially hazardous work can be done safe and timely to meet any schedule.

USES provides cost-effective degassing solutions. Employing liquid, carbon and combustion
technologies, USES can work with you by first understanding your company needs and permit
requirements.  Once we understand the constraints, we will then address the process or source
of emissions to engineer a solution to ensure that you do not exceed your emission goals.

When emissions exceed what you are permitted for or odors affect the surrounding workforce
or neighborhoods, your costs begin to swell due to delays, remedial safety actions are needed to
protect personnel and the environment, shutdown of related operations may be required and
regulators issuing violation notices. Allow USES to help with all your Vapor Recovery and
Degassing needs.

Various Offerings Include:

  • Liquid Scrubbers
  • Carbon Vessels
  • Combustion Technology
  • Vapor & Odor Control