Full-time industrial firefighters with extensive experience supported by hazardous materials specialists, up-to-date training, tools and techniques

  • Flammable Liquid Fires
  • Transportation Emergencies
  • Marine Firefighting
  • Offshore Fire and Safety Standby Services
  • Air Monitoring and Sampling
  • Waste Management


  • Firefighting trailer equipped with a skid-mounted 2,500 GPM firefighting pump
  • Firefighting trailer equipped with a skid-mounted 1,100 GPM firefighting pump
  • 64 HP skid-mounted 575 GPM Hercules Portable Pump
  • Akron 911 oscillating monitor with nozzle
  • Akron 3443 quick-attack monitor
  • Fire Boss (Twin agent unit with 400 lbs. PKP and 100 gallons premix 6% AFFF)
  • 350-lb. Wheeled Purple K Fire Extinguishers
  • Alcohol Resistant Aqueous Film Forming Foam Concentrate
  • Portable water tanks